Aliz in OZ

Das Draußen, ist ein Spiegel des Innenraumes.


People of the planet, please watch this video. There is an old prophecy of the Nahuatl, that only if this video gets more than 1 million clicks there will be peace and love and understanding on earth. The video shows the story of a man who is trapped in a grey space. He goes several times into his trap through a door, but when he is inside, he can’t find his way out. He is measuring his space, very sad and serious, sometimes in panic, sometimes simply perplexed. Together with him inside the space is sitting his own death. In a certain moment the man becomes aware of the presence of death, astounded and puzzled. Many a time he does not notice him, although death is so present and close. You may call the one man “life”, and the man sitting in the chair “death”. From a higher perspective, they…

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Autor: Arkis

Maler und Zeichner des phantastischen Realismus - Künstler und Magier-Philosoph Artist and magician-philosopher* Die Idee ist die Emotion des Geistes, während Emotion der Reflex der Seele ist.