Ein wenig Magie wagen

Der Mut des Löwen: die Stärke der Freiheit offenbart sich durch Disziplin, das kann kein Anderer für einen tun. Es gibt keinen Lohn, es ist umsonst, wer dem entkommen will, wird niemals entkommen. Das entkommen Wollen zu lassen, ist die Lösung. Bin schon dort, wo ich bin, was anderes gibt es gar nicht, in der Welt und doch nicht von dieser Welt zu sein.

Die beiden Worte Gevurah (Stärke, Mut) und Arjeh (Löwe) haben den gleichen, gematrischen Zahlenwert; 216. In der Überlieferung ist der Löwe das Symbol der Tapferkeit, des Mutes und der Stärke.



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  1. 3. DE VITA CORRIGENDA. (On Correcting One’s Life) (Liber Aleph)
    Know, son, that the true Principle of Self-Control is Liberty. For we are born into a World
    which is in Bondage to Ideals; to them we are perforce fitted, even as his Enemies to the Bed of
    Procrustes. Each of us, as he grows, learns Repression of himself and his true Will. „It is a lie,
    this folly against self.“: these Words are written in The Book of the Law. So therefore these
    Passions in ourselves which we understand to be Hindrances are not part of our True Will, but
    diseased Appetites, manifest in us through false early Training. Thus the Tabus of savage Tribes
    in such matter as Love constrain that True Love which is born in us; and by this Constraint come
    ills of Body and Mind. Either the Force of Repression carries it, and creates Neuroses and
    Insanities; or the Revolt against that Force, breaking forth with Violence, involves Excesses and
    Extravagances. All these Things are Disorders, and against Nature. Now then learn of me the
    testimony of History and literature as a great Scroll of Learning. But the Vellum of the Scroll is
    of Man’s Skin, and its Ink of his Heart’s Blood.

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