Hekates Brunnen

Daath ist wie eine schwimmende Insel inmitten eines unendlichen Meeres, auf ihr wächst der Baum des Lebens; das Wissen um den Tod des Egos, der Nacht des Pan in der Stadt der Pyramiden.


The bells of another land

Why do I have to leave
I just cannot say
Someone’s calling me
From so far away
Sometimes I hear
The bells of another land
When I came I was dreaming
Dreams of a everlasting sun
Raised my hands for peace
Words of love on my tongue
Sometimes I hear…
The more that I was falling
The more I felt the light
Warmed my empty body
In an endless night
Sometimes I hear…
So I went into my garden
Watched the flowers grow
Laid myself on the warm grass
And death came very slow
Sometimes I hear…

Autor: Arkis

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